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Put together the pieces of your insurance policy in Menifee or Murrieta, CA

You might be the most perfect driver in the world, with no accidents or traffic infractions on your record. Think you don’t have a need for auto insurance? Think again. An absent-minded driver can run a red light and total your car. A fly-away plastic bag can stick to your windshield and cause a serious accident. You need an auto insurance policy that will fit your needs during unforeseen circumstances in and around Menifee and Murrieta, CA. You can’t see the future, but Hannoush Insurance Agency can help you prepare for it.

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Build your insurance policy

Build your insurance policy

At Hannoush Insurance Agency, we work with a variety of partners to help you find an insurance policy that best fits your needs. We can even personalize a policy for you, depending on what you're planning to spend and what you want covered. Here are the components of an auto insurance policy that we can modify to fit your needs:

  • Property damage liability coverage
  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured/ uninsured motorist coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
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