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Keep your Menifee or Murrieta, CA fleet safe with commercial auto insurance

Some businesses require a commercial vehicle. You can’t tow without a heavy-duty truck. You can’t have a delivery service without a vehicle. You can’t have a food truck without a truck. When a vehicle means that much to your business, it pays for it to be insured. Hannoush Insurance Agency offers commercial insurance to make sure your Menifee or Murrieta, CA area business and its vehicles are protected.

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Do you need commercial auto insurance?

Do you need commercial auto insurance?

Some businesses require commercial auto insurance by law, but most businesses would greatly benefit from these policies. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering commercial auto insurance for your vehicle.

  1. Do you run a business in which you deliver goods or services?
  2. Do you use your vehicle for a rideshare or limousine service?
  3. Do you run a business that requires your vehicle to be furnished with specialty equipment?
  4. Does your vehicle weigh over 10 tons or have a load capacity over 2 tons?


If you’ve answered one or more of these questions, commercial auto insurance can benefit you and your business!

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