Are You Drowning in Flood Insurance Questions?

Our team can find the flood insurance policy that's right for you in Menifee or Murrieta, CA

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, just one inch of water in your home can cause over $25,000 in damage. For residents of Menifee and Murrieta, CA, that's an alarming thought. However, with the help of Hannoush Insurance Agency, you can rest easy knowing your flood insurance will cover the cost of the damage on your property.

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Protect your property and your savings in case of a flood

Protect your property and your savings in case of a flood

Menifee, CA is part of a floodplain, which means you're required by the bank and the National Flood Insurance Program to have flood insurance on your property. When you get a flood insurance policy through us, you can customize it to cover:

  • Electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Detached garages and solar energy equipment
  • Built-in appliances, like dishwashers and stoves
  • Permanently installed furniture and carpeting
  • Foundation walls, staircases and window blinds
  • Personal belongings, like clothes and electronics
  • Valuable artwork, furs and etc., up to $2,500

Still have questions? Our team will go over the policies we offer and walk you through the flood insurance claim process if you experience a flood event. Contact us today to lock in an affordable flood insurance rate.