Soldiers Deployed Overseas Receive Nearly 1,500 Care Packages Postmarked 9/11 from Mercury


Nine years ago two Mercury employees wanted to show their support to our military by sending home comforts.  Today we have approximately 7 offices who have joined in. These home comforts consistently sent reminding those military men and women abroad how much their work is appreciated.  Mercury employees, active duty military and veterans work together collecting, packing and shipping goods.

Mercury Insurance CEO and President, Gabe Tirador. “We employ a lot of veterans, and many employees have family who are serving, which is why I’m extremely proud of this grassroots event that has grown throughout the company. It gives us all a chance to say thank you to the members of our Nation’s Armed Services.”

Trent Carny, active duty U.S. Navy says "the food abroad is different and receiving something from home can change your whole days outlook"