Don't Let an Accident Bring Down Your Business

Make sure your assets are covered in Menifee or Murrieta, CA

You’ve worked hard to get your Menifee or Murrieta, CA business to where it is today. You may be financially stable now, but a simple offhand comment or piece of misplaced merchandise can have you neck deep in legal or medical fees. You may not be able to avoid these situations, but Hannoush Insurance Agency can keep your business protected with general liability coverage when they happen.

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How can general liability insurance benefit your business?

How can general liability insurance benefit your business?

General liability insurance will prevent you from paying out of pocket when accidents happen. We understand the risks of running a business, and we can provide you with great rates and customized policies to protect it. Here are some of the advantages of general liability coverage to your business:

  • Covers the legal fees for personal injury defense
  • Covers the damage to you or your client's property
  • Covers the injury of a client due to negligence on the job site
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