Must Have Items in Your Car Emergency Kit


What happens if your phone dies or you are in a remote area with no signal? Do you have the tools to change a tire, switch out a fuse or jump start the battery?

An emergency kit can mean a difference of minutes when it comes to changing a tire or hours stranded waiting for help.

Here are some must have items to have in your car.

When it's dark:

Flashlight and road flares.

When it's hot:

Water, extra coolant, sun screen, and an umbrella to provide some much needed shade.

When it's cold:

Lighter or matches and a blanket.

When you need to change a tire:

Tire jack and wrench, and a spare tire.  Tires do expire!

Some other necessities:

Jumper cables, first aid kit, and nutrition bars.

No matter how reliable your car is, you never know when this can come in handy.  Make sure this is easy enough to reach and that all your passengers know where it is.