Part 2 Tips for the Ticker or Treaters


Homeowner's tips for Halloween:

A well lit sidewalk and porch will help the costumed capers who will be visiting your home.  Some of the children in costumes will have limited movement and may affect their visibility.  A well lit home will also prevent and vandalism, which is higher this time of month.

Keep your pets inside or in a separate room if you are entertaining.  Dogs can be easily spooked by the costumes.  I came out of the restroom with my Jim Morrison wig to surprise my family, expecting a good laugh.   My well behaved German Shepard did not think it was so funny.  She scared me half to death!

If you have a neighborhood watch in place.  Advise them if you will be at another location and have them keep a close eye on your home.  Wouldn't hurt to leave some light on in the house.  I know this could be deceiving to the trick or treator's.

Driver Tips

Slow down, be on high alert to the roads.  Kids are excited and maybe running into the street, even darting out between parked cars.

Avoid leaving your parked car in a deserted area.  Vandals are less likely to do their dirty work in the open.  Do not leave anything of value in the car. If you can park in the garage, even better.

Happy Halloween, I wish all of you a spooky fun night!