Tips for Parents Teaching Their Kids to Drive

When your kids are ready to get behind the wheel for the first time it can be very exciting and stressful at the same time.  Regardless of their age or experience behind the wheel a young, new driver is more likely to be in an accident due to lack of experience.  Things to consider when you transition your passenger to a driver.

  1.  Have a plan, what is your destination? Will you be driving on the city roads or using the freeways. Vary the routine, take them on different roads exposing them to pedestrians, sharp turns and country roads.  Exposing them to these different driving conditions will help you advise them on what to expect behind the wheel.
  2. Practice evasive driving.  It can be as simple as setting up some cones in an empty parking lot and teaching them to brake hard avoiding the cones acting as a stopped vehicle. You can also stagger the cones and have them drive in and out of them.  Parallel parking is something you can have them work with the cones.
  3. Have fun.  This can be a white knuckled experience for the both of you.  Set up the objectives and keep it within their experience and ability.  Light and easy, let them build their confidence behind the wheel.